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Music Director 

JourneySongs Music Director: Job Description




JourneySongs is an interfaith hospice choir in Newton, Massachusetts, committed to singing at bedside for the comfort of people who are terminally ill, those with serious illness, and for caregivers and loved ones.


As volunteers we sing in private homes, local nursing homes, hospitals, hospice facilities, both regularly and by special request, and for local memorial services.


We believe in the healing power of music and the importance of community presence during life’s transitions, choosing songs that are meaningful to the patient and their family.


Our repertoire of songs is drawn from many different faith and world traditions including chants, rounds, spirituals, hymns, and classical music.


Reports to: Steering Committee

Mentors and Coordinates: Substitute musical leaders

Period: Two rehearsals per month September through June; schedule created with Steering Committee

Stipend: $125 per rehearsal




  • Leads rehearsals twice per month on Sunday afternoons (3:30 - 5 p.m.) in Newton

    • Ensures the learning and polishing of music

    • Maintains a nurturing, supportive, and empathic learning environment with high musical expectations

    • Shares strategies for singing without books, from heart not head

    • In consultation with group members, curates repertoire to best meet the needs of patients, their families, and singers.

    • Prepares key group members to lead memorial and bedside sings.

    • Arranges for a substitute to cover rehearsal in event of absence.

    • Directs substitutes regarding what to cover in a rehearsal.

    • As available and interested, may leads bedside “sings” in a

number of contexts: hospice facilities, private homes, hospitals, nursing homes, and may create audio files for inclusion on the Website or use for learning parts.


  • In communication with the Steering Committee

    • Explores ways, to expand JourneySongs’ reach (i.e, through recordings and a digital presence)

    • Strategizes in the areas of membership, marketing, budget, and space needs




· Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in Music (voice, music education, or related field)

· Demonstrated ability and interest in adult and “aging” vocal pedagogy, choral techniques, and diverse instructional strategies

· Strong interpersonal and communication skills

· Ability to work as a member of a team

· Sensitivity to spiritual aspects of music-making and an empathic approach to bedside singing

· 2 years of successful experience in a community choral setting

· Experience in music-making outside the concert hall



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